Gratitude For Living My Life, Gratitude for having a voice

Gratitude for living my life, gratitude for having a voice

For a Coaching/Mentoring Group – Revitalize & Rise on Facebook, We had to discuss about Gratitude and what do we feel when we hear the word or What are we grateful for.

Gratitude.pngFor me, my thought process it started in a very different direction. I have been thinking for a while about Rape Victims, Rape Shaming, Victim Shaming. Not Just Rape actually, Harassment faced by women in our daily lives. Incidents like the Women Harassment openly on the New Years Night Fiasco in Bangalore, India and Recently at an Atif Aslam/Abida Parveen Concert – are just examples that popped on the social media circuit.

I wanted to talk about showing gratitude to women who raise the right kind of men, gratitude for the men who stand by us and protect us from those who don’t respect us, gratitude for being in a place NOW after years of education & work where i can be the voice for those who are not heard or cannot speak.

Gratitude for my everyday life – should give me ambition and the urge to fight for those who do not have the same luxury – who cannot escape the harassment, torture and misery of women exploitation.

As a girl when i was growing up to being a women who worked in the corporate sector and then becoming a wife – its not that i did not escape harassment. It is just that i learnt to fight it, to not let it damage me for the person who i am, to respond to derogatory comments & behavior and this resilience has helped me grow and reach the place that i currently am in my life.

I can proudly say that i’m a survivor, and i tell everyone i meet, every girl, every woman – that you just have to fight back. Not give up and show your resilience. However, there are women, who have faced much tougher battles and came out strong. For example: The Story of Lamiya and her Escape from ISIS is nothing short of exemplary. When you hear her story – you want to be grateful for who you are and the life you have. You can read her story here.

SO when i saw this clip, today, it made me smile. Nairobi where Rape for young girls is very common, so is sex slavery & trade, there is a beginning to try and change all of that. It sounds like such a great idea, to teach consent to young boys and self defense to young girls. If we build them right, teach them right – their world, their society would be better for them. Maybe then these girls and women there can show gratitude for this program.



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