As a Human Resource Professional and a Talent Hunter, i had to interview countless candidates at a time sometimes for various positions. During these brief interactions i met with various candidates who would either not be prepared for an interview, would be introverts, over the years or months been out of touch with what they were doing and therefore failing to impress the recruiter to land the job they would otherwise be perfect for.

It was also during these interviews i met fresh graduates who had no idea or motivation to be in the field they had chosen for themselves and therefore the lack of interest reflected in their interview presence.

If i had time (which happened ever so rarely) i would give these candidates tips to improving their profiles, their demeanor at interviews, improving their knowledge of the global happenings and also career advice if i felt was needed.

The feedback was welcomed and with time, people started reverting back to me with news of their appointments, promotions and successes. The same people who at some time had failed to bag the job they had come to me for. News spread and voila – i was a Career Counselor, Mentor and a Life & Career Coach. Its been over 5 glorious years of Coaching, Mentoring and Counseling and i have never looked back.

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