Motivational Speaking & Career Development Sessions were the next logical step to take after offering Career Counseling to individuals in the Corporate, NGO and Academics Sector. It was one of those things that happened as a consequence of what i was doing, with people i was interacting and the need for mentoring, counseling and coaching in the country.

Motivational Session
Motivational Speaker Session

Institutions reach out to me with certain objectives and areas of discussion when they want a motivational speaker to come in and engage the audience. For one time Motivational Sessions, I believe in one simple formula – Interact, Engage and Motivate. If you do anything more for a one time setup – it will never capture the audience’s attention. It will almost always leave insignificant or no impact on the audience’s mind.

However, before i plan a motivational session – i almost always run it by my facilitators for feedback before the event because there has to be harmony in what you are going to preach and what is being practiced.

Over the years as a Human Resource Professional, I have been speaking at Universities, Colleges, Schools and Start-up Incubators on various subjects on Youth Leadership and Career & Personality Development.

I also speak as a Motivational Speaker and a Human Resource Professional for various Corporates and NGO Seminars, Workshops, Employee Engagement Sessions in Pakistan and UAE.

If you are interested in inviting me for a Motivational Speaking Session – you can reach out to me through the contact us page on the website, through Mushawar Consulting or my emailing me at